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We are a consortium called Maina Nauli Group consisting of several national companies with aspirations to become an international organization. Starting the first business from the real estate sector, now Maina Nauli Group has developed into a leading business ecosystem and become a company that is able to provide benefits to the people and nation of Indonesia.

Member of Maina Nauli Group

Migas Prima Nauli

The company is engaged in the business of trading fuel oil (BBM) and retail trade of non-fuel oil (non-fuel retail). Our company cooperates with Pertamina to provide optimal service to the community.

We are taking steps to develop a new non-fuel retail business that is able to synergize with consumers and the community. We hope this can provide benefits and profits that continue to grow in the long term.

Maina Nauli Propertindo

A company engaged in the real estate and property sector. We currently own and rent several apartment units in the business district in Jakarta and outside Jakarta. Apart from the real estate and property sectors, our company also develops supporting businesses in the real estate and property sectors.

Armed with experience and professional resources, we strive to become an independent company and able to find solutions in the complex trading and real estate fields. These supporting businesses include: publications supporting the real estate, pharmaceutical, computer, software and telecommunications sectors.

Wananauli Nusapersada

A company that develops sustainably in the management of oil palm plantations by implementing a healthy and environmentally friendly quality, environmental, OHS management system, supported by competent human resources in their fields.

We currently manage oil palm plantations in Labuhan Batu Regency, North Sumatra. With the existing plantations, the company is trying to be able to continue to enlarge the land and also increase oil palm production.

Indo Nauli Energi

A company engaged in the provision of energy resources and natural resources with work areas throughout Indonesia. With a significant amount of land, our company is in the process of obtaining a business license to start a business.

We are committed to providing energy services by paying attention to environmental sustainability and the search for renewable resources. We strive to provide good service to the community so that energy resources can be channeled and reach the entire community.

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